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Maps & Atlases – Perch Patchwork

Emily Jackett


Maps & Atlases, A chicago based quartet of handsome and hairy gentlemen who have been  guitar tapping together since 2004, Juggling a hefty hoard of genres; experimental, folk, math – rock, and most recently, pop. Perch Patchwork, their long awaited LP weaves intricate rhythms in and out of surprising, deconstructed and sparse yet palatable pop songs. Held together by voice driven melodies, A reedy baritone like some strange kazoo – Dave Davison’s catchy lyrics tumble in on the second track The Charm indeed. Playful and disparate layers of rhythm slowly join and ascend while, vocals maniacally climbing up and down octaves sew together discordance.

While Solid Ground and the joyous la la la’s of Israeli Caves are also stand out tracks, the album is to  be swallowed hole. Eclectic but consistent,  a complete work,  a beautiful and chaotic suite. Instruments and vocals support each other without fight throughout the whole album, working in innovative and playful sounds; strings, horns, woodwind, musical toys and more are scattered through tracks of complex, intriguing and adventurous folk. Imagine a choreographed dance between Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend and the influential Don Caballero. It’s a dance which comes to you highly recommended.