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Maximo Park – Too Much Information

Laura Lloyd


Maximo Park make a return to the fore with new album Too Much Information. The band have taken their time since 2012’s The National Health, this time self-producing their new release which promises to reach new heights in terms of experimentation and composition.

First track Give, Get, Take opens with space odyssey-esque electronics which are continuous throughout the track. Although it is a brilliant opening, halfway through the song it becomes too repetitive and unfortunately, quite boring.

However, the album redeems itself in the form of pulsing synthetics and lyrical wit in third track Leave This Island which is an unexpected moment of refinement following the previous two slightly disappointing tracks Drinking Martinis follows suit as it bursts with infectious indie-pop which, although sounds gloomy in places, is surprisingly catchy and is a track which you could solemnly sway along to.

Yet certain tracks such as My Bloody Mind and Midnight on the Hill still carry the same ghost of past songs from 2005-2012. This is incredibly frustrating as it seems as though the band have tried too hard to overproduce and recycle old ideas and melodies in order to make a slapdash track which is wedged in between some gems on the new album. It lets it down quite a lot as the album skips from impressive song to samey, boring song in less than four minutes.

Last track Her Name was Audre breathes some fresh air into the album and closes it on a bubbly and upbeat note. The quickening drum beats and faster singing give it a quirky, catchy kind of indie disco feel.

Too Much Information is a brilliant attempt at experimentation, however there are certain chunks of the album which let it down and turn it into another recycled album trying to relive the days of the band’s past. Although there are four or five wonderful songs which shine a light on the rest of the album, it is a little bland for my liking. However, it is worth giving it a listen if only for the few wonderful songs.