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Memories – The Sleepless Years EP

Becci Stanley


A mix of melodic hardcore with elements of metalcore bands like Devil Wears Prada, Birmingham’s Memories are a breath of fresh air from the abundance of pop punk and hardcore bands sprouting up out of nowhere, and showcase how hard work, endless amounts of touring and fun really pay off with this creative, eclectic and tight release.

With the glitching of guitars and the gang screaming ‘I don’t give a fuck!’ in IDGAF, The Sleepless Years starts with a kick to the face, an assault of driving guitars, pounding drums and visceral vocals, seemingly like a stereotypical metalcore kind of release before an abrupt stop to melodic and soothing vocals with the spine-tingling twangs of single guitar strings and the tinkling of a piano before plunging straight back into the abyss jerking the listener straight out of their comfort zone and gaining their full, intrigued attention.

Fiends does this but in reverse. What really brings this song out to me is the droning and angst-filled yet strangely soothing vocals that starkly contrast to the in-your-face heaviness of the instrumentals and harsh growling, adding a darker edge to an otherwise calm and melodic song, showing the sheer diversity of this band.

Both Figures Of Speech and The Sleepless Years Pt. 1 showcase to me what really sets this band apart from others; their experimentation with sounds. They both seem like more of what is heard previously on the e.p, a mash up of relative silence then an outburst of hardcore pure and simple, but upon the end of Figures Of Speech, haunting chiming and sound effects chill you to your core reaching a steady climax before falling straight back down and charging into The Sleepless Years Pt. 1. The track features Jim Dunmer, who brings yet another level and a different style almost to the song. It is this differentiation that keeps the release fresh and provides memorable moments within each songs that makes then stick with you, always.

Closing song The Sleepless Years Pt. 2 reaches a climactic and tense crescendo before group vocals and one final blast of the powerful vocals that bring each song to life, along with the heartbeat of guitars and nervous system of drums creating a living and breathing creation that at first appears to be just like ‘another hardcore release’ when really, The Sleepless Years deserves to be heard all round, by anybody who appreciates hardworking, talented and explorative musicians everywhere.