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Morning Parade Interview

Jo Cox


After support slots with the likes of Florence & The Machine and Tynchy Stryder, More Than The Music caught up with Morning Parade before they head back out on the road to support Feeder, to find out more.

More Than The Music: You’re pretty new to the scene so for anyone who hasn’t heard of Morning Parade, how would you describe your music?

Morning Parade: A euphoric stick of rock.  Music than you can embrace and dance too.

MTTM: How did the band form and how did your name come about?

MP: We’ve known each other from school, college and the local music scene. We used to say ‘time for the morning parade’ when we were coming home from a night out, as the sun was coming up and it made sense for the band.

MTTM: Are there plans for an album in the pipeline?

MP: We are recording the album at the moment!

MTTM: Your music has been described as anthemic indie, who or what has influenced your style?

MP: We grew up around Brit Pop but we’ve all come and grown through different musical influences at different times in our lives.  We are big fans of Rock, Dance, Electro, Folk, Chillout and Pop.

MTTM: You’ve supported some pretty big names including Ash and Glasvegas, how did those opportunities come about?

MP: We’ve been really lucky with our support tours, and Glasvegas are a big inspiration for us. We’re big fans! The Ash supports were won in a tombola – either support Ash or win 3 cans of warm Carling. Easy decision.

More Than The Music: Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

MP: Right now I think we’re just about learning to collaborate with each other. When we’ve mastered that we’ll let you know!

MTTM: What has been your career highlight so far?

MP: The first time we saw fans singing our songs back to us.

MTTM: What does the rest of 2010 hold for Morning Parade?

MP: Finishing the album and playing as many shows as possible.