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New Music: What The Cat Dragged In

Amy Buxton


What The Cat Dragged In are best described as an alternative (oh how I detest that word) instrumental outfit with riffs and rhythms that are catchier than an STI at a hippy love festival. The group’s debut EP The Abstract Nouns in My Concrete Metaphor is a refreshing mix of crisp vocals duelled with a crushing and catchy canvas of guitars. They have managed to attain a good balance between energetic pop songs and sombre haunting instrumental numbers, incorporating tuneful melodies with a garage band style.  They also have a very DIY approach to their music – they arrange their own promotion and have personally designed all of the band’s own artwork.

The band themselves hail from York and have been touring relentlessly throughout their local area, and as such they have developed quite an energetic following.  The band consists of vocalist Emily Rowan, bassist Alice Rowan, guitarist Matt Durrant, drummer Simon Boiley and Jenny Eden on violin.  They’re looking to kick off a UK wide tour during the summer and rest assured their brand of catchy ambience will not stay undiscovered for long, so catch them at your local now whilst you still can.