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New Music: Saint Motel

Maria Turauskis


The weather this summer might be utterly atrocious, but fear not – for there is a hansom new band from the shores of sunny California sending some summery musical vibes our way.

Saint Motel are an new all-male outfit with real charisma, creating indie rock with lashings of bosa nova, Latin, funk and tropical. Their sound has a mellow, smooth, south-of-the-border feel, distinctly retro without being throwback or pastiche. This band is the soundtrack to Daiquiris and Margaritas, cigar smoke, and lazing around because it’s just too damn hot.

This band create genuinely exciting, dynamic music with commercial factor. Saint Motel equal amiable, clever music, with a fresh yet classic appeal. Their music also has witty, cynical edge lyrically that should appeal well to our wry British humour.

Saint Motel’s debut album is set for release on July 10th, and will be available on i-tunes, CD and 12”. They also have their fantastic track ‘Benny Goodman’ available on free download, like right now. They are sadly focusing on touring in the US at the moment, but hopefully they will approach our shores soon. Their raucous, rhythm-heavy live shows are sure please and entertain.