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New Music: The Slytones

Amy Buxton


If you like your music calm, bland and commercially bastardised then you may wish to give this feature a miss. However, if you like your bands very much alive, kicking and looking ghoulishly fiendish then you should head to the Green Door Store in Brighton on the 29th April to catch The Slytones in all their psychedelic glory.

As Brighton’s latest and possibly most eye and ear catching export The Slytones have been touring relentlessly in the South East area and will be releasing their new EP The Psychedelic Sounds of the Slytones on April 29th to much local and underground anticipation. Their songs are immediately toe-tappingly catchy and if anything it makes you wish you were a teenager in the 1960s. The best way to describe them would be to imagine the best blues punk of the 60s mixed with the best DIY make-up efforts of the late 70s. They also share more than a striking aural resemblance to the late, great Captain Beefheart, and in the absence of this genre’s recently deceased hero, could The Slytones be the fore-frontiers of this blues and rock infested explosion? One can certainly hope so.