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NEEDTOBREATHE – The Reckoninig

Laura Lloyd


The Reckoning is the fourth album to be released by Southern Carolina rock/alternative band NEEDTOBREATHE. In the past they have peaked on mainstream charts with their uplifting music. However, they have topped more charts within the Christian music sector making it hard to forget that they are not a Christian band, but simply just Christians.

The album is made up of fifteen tracks which unfortunately fail to excite.  Each track is up to, and sometimes over, four minutes long which makes the songs slightly tedious and long winded. After the chorus has been repeated for the sixth time listeners may find themselves wanting to hit the skip button. Given one track seems to run into another because each song sounds the same as a previous song on the album this makes for difficult listening. They all hold the same kind of instruments, the same sort of lyrics and the same kind of messages.

Opening song, Oohs and Ahhs, lasts for five minutes and is very repetitive which doesn’t express much optimism for the rest of the album. The song does get a little heavier about a quarter of a way through with the introduction of a drum beat and an electric guitar which making it comparable to some of Maroon 5’s old tracks. However, because the song lingers on for so long listeners could find themselves getting bored and wanting to turn the album off as soon as the song finishes.

The two tracks that really defy away from the majority of the album are Drive All Night and Keep Your Eyes Open. Although they both sound similar you get the feeling that they hold a lot more emotion than previous tracks. Drive All Night is a softer more uplifting song; the drumbeat echoes a heartbeat and paired with the undertone of the piano and Bear Rinehart’s distinctive voice it bleeds inspiring lyrics and urges listeners to turn it up as the crescendo increases. Keep Your Eyes Open also screams inspiring lyrics, telling listeners to stay strong and move on. It’s a song you could put on during a sadder time and it would rejuvenate any kind of mood.

This album is definitely not one of the best works of NEEDTOBREATHE and they may find it hard to shake their ‘Christian band’ image as a lot of their songs sound spiritual. Leaning towards boring and repetitive, it’s not something that you would be able to listen to without pressing skip once or twice.