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New Music: Adventure Galley

Dana Beaton


Hailing from Portland we bring you the infectiously upbeat, synth-rock band Adventure Galley. The group have been playing to crowds along the western US coast since 2008, and were briefly signed to Myspace Records after winning Myspace’s Rock the Space contest in 2010.

At first, you might not believe these six young men have only been playing together a few years. They had a solid sound, and are one of few bands that have managed to successfully take two very different genres and merged them together seamlessly. The group’s music is powerfully energetic, but still vocally-driven, and features a mixture of classic rock instruments and electronic production that is unusual and notable.

Remaining quiet after the release of EP The Right Place To Be in May 2010, Adventure Galley have recently recorded their first full-length album with producer Dave Trumflo, who has previously worked with The Jesus and Mary Chain and Wilco. New tracks on their latest record, such as Addict and Weekend Lovers are already gaining positive attention, having appeared in the Hyper Machine’s top 10. Furthermore, Earmilk stated that “their music is compared to an amplified Arcade Fire, or The Killers having a jam session with MGMT…” Maybe they will be appearing on the iTunes charts soon.