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New Music: Battleships

Becci Stanley


Straight out of Sydney, Australia, folk/indie mash up Battleships are currently making port in a record store near you after releasing their seven track debut EP To You. This follows the release of the smashing singles ‘In Retrospect’ and ‘To You’ earlier this year, which gained much praise in their native Australia.

Since the EP’s release, the band have amassed a tidal wave of support from the likes of Australia’s Triple J, and 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne and Radcliffe and Maconie. The world-wide music press is showing keen interest too; comments include “these guys make cracking tunes” from Songs by Toads, and When the Gramophone Rings lauding that they make some of the “freshest tunes… (they will be) your new favourite band”.

On a personal note, while this band’s style are not my usual cup of tea, I can’t help but enjoy Battleships’ music – their tunes are utterly infectious. This group creates music that is simply different – soothing yet edgy. And they are certainly already masters at making a song crawl in through your ears and eat away at your brain for weeks. In a good way. Look out for this band.