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New Music: Bear Cavalry

Alice Weavers


Bear Cavalry are a four piece indie-pop band from Gosport in Hampshire, who have recently been gaining lots of support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. Influenced by bands such as Tall Ships and Everything Everything, Bear Cavalry have an impressive back catalogue of songs, having released three EPs that showcase their use of seven different instruments to produce diverse and original indie-pop songs.

Singer Louis Pinder’s vocals at the start of the lead single, Roman Summer, from the group’s Maple Trails EP are sometimes reminiscent of the high falsetto of Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything, while the group’s harmonies are comparable to the work of Dog Is Dead. Custom Hands is another stand-out track from the band, where the up beat tropical vibe, created by the horns and synths helps to create a really catchy song. Their latest track, Flowers, Again, demonstrates yet another side of the band with a heavier sound and interesting guitar interplay.

High profile radio DJs such as Kissy Sell Out from R1 and Tom Robinson from 6 Music have championed the band, with Kissy Sell Out even making his own version of the group’s Custom Hands track. Bear Cavalry have also found a perhaps unlikely supporter from the dubstep elite. After creating an acoustic cover of the song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, the dubstep producer Skrillex used their version of his song on his own behind the scenes videos which has now had in excess of 370,000 views online.

Fans of Dog Is Dead, Little Comets and Everything Everything will definitely love Bear Cavalry. The band have the majority of their EPs available to download for free on their Bandcamp website, and they also have several shows lined up before the end of year.