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New Music: Candy Says

Jo Cox


Bands form, bands make music, bands split up, band members form new bands. Such is the circular life of music. Often though, nothing radically changes. New people come in and new people go out but the sound stays largely the same. Sometimes though, band members can move quite drastically away from what they’ve always been known for. In the case of ex-Little Fish front-woman Juju, it is definitely the latter.

Gone are the drum heavy rock tunes, kicking over glasses in crowded pubs. The poetical lyrics that have always underpinned her songwriting are still there, but she’s moved past the expectations of a major label and big tour support slots and in Candy Says seems to have been able to create something of a better fit.

She also seems to have found a kindred voice in Black Casino And The Ghost’s Elisa Zoot, who along with Man Without Country’s Mike Monaghan and ex-Little Fish Hammondista Ben Walker make up the rest of the band. They’ve recorded some tracks in a garage with two microphones, some dusty instruments and an old laptop. At times the resultant tracks are almost tribal, at others they’re an intricately woven sheet of different sounds and melodies which can scarcely be unpicked. Throughout though, they’re utterly infectious.

Their first single, Melt Into The Sun, is out on 18th March 2013. The video, which was directed by avant-garde Albanian artist Bekim Mala and filmed in a (very) cold barn last November can be watched below. They’ll also be playing a show at the Wilmington Arms in London on 20th March, in case you want to check them out in the flesh.


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