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New Music: Cold Pumas

Becci Stanley


Bursting out of Brighton and straight into your eardrums, ear-assaulting Cold Pumas have been slowly repeating their mantra thrice fold: repetition, repetition, repetition. Not only is this a theme through their new record Persistent Malaise, itself torn between three record labels: Faux Discx, Gringo Records and Italian Beach Babes; it is also one that reflects their career jumping from writing, recording, playing and repeat. Persistent Malaise itself offers a both melodic and hardcore edge that blends lucidly creating something quite different to most things released today in a very bold move.

The group’s music jolts from a jazzy sharp edge to a crescendo of punk in one jerking, flailing motion. Lyrically the group triumphs, with much blood, sweat and tears being poured into their work. This is particularly noticeable on songs like Fog Cutter which clashes lyrics projecting conflict and angst with hypnotic synth and melodies in a crystalline loop. It is diversity that really carries this band through. Changes and chaos seem to let their creativity flow forth and really let them shine at their brightest. Tracks can be cerebral, instrumental, even almost clinical with a clean cut precision. There is general angst, and even a summery, surfer feel in tracks such as Puce Moment.

It is with no doubt that Cold Pumas are only just starting to show what they are capable of, and are full of surprises. This is a band that could choose any which direction as to date, or keep the chaos and instability flowing.