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New Music: Concubines

Kimberley Manderson


Concubines are a new four-piece band with typical bedroom project origins. The group, who make music which they describe as ‘indie-soul’, offer cool tracks which are a bit down-tempo, a bit distorted, and a bit awesome. Band members Andy Death, Andy White, Phil Death and Simon Christopher Hickson cite Roxy Music, David Bowie, The Horrors and Arcade Fire as influences, which make for an interesting sound.

The group’s debut single entitled Darkness is out now and is available digitally and at Rough Trade record stores. Offering a perfect combination indie and dirty soul, the track features distorted guitars producing menacingly memorable riffs, combined with an apathetic drawl that puts Ian Curtis to shame. This is definitely a track to check out for any fans of surly-cool bands such as New Order, The Smiths, or even more recent acts like Hurts.

Other tracks are slightly more up-tempo. However, each song by Concubines still has a slight melancholic drone with a sexy twist, even when they are singing about the grass being green.

If that has intrigued you enough, you can catch Concubines live to hear more. They are scheduled to play in London on May 29th, and the band are also playing a couple of shows in July, with other dates in London, Exeter and Bristol.