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New Music: Electricity In Our Homes

Maria Turauskis


A couple of weeks ago I saw Electricity In Our Homes perform at Rough Trade East, promoting the release of their recent single Aching, Breaking, Shaking For You. I had been interested in the group, and made some effort to follow their developments since they first emerged in 2008, but this was the first time I had seen the group perform live. I have always been aware that their music was cool, pleasant and hip, but live the band really revealed themselves as utterly fantastic musicians, creating really interesting, intoxicating music.

Electricity In Our Homes describe their music as a discordant, dissonant, confused, mingling funk, but in reality their work is much more complex than that. They clearly have funk based influences, especially with the complex rhythm section (which exhibits some exuberant drum patterns and elaborate bass playing), but they also draw from a lot of marginal art-rock influences, especially from the 1980s. They also have elements of progressive rock and the avant-garde within their work, with a covert vibe of the likes of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa deep within their sounds.

The trio, made up of Paul Linger, Bonnie Carr and Charles Boyer, are all fantastically talented musicians, with a charming, nonchalant air to their energetic performances. There is a fast and furious speed to their work, especially in a live setting, but this speed is more based in excitability than aggression. This lightness in the group’s work is anchored by the curiously innocent dynamic between the male and female vocals, which often sing in a pleasant, pleasing chorus.

Electricity In Our Homes have taken the typical alternative route with their releases, putting out a number of singles and EPs, released on vinyl and MP3 only, on a variety of smaller labels. They have their debut album, Dear Shareholder, in the pipeline, which will hopefully be released later in 2011.