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New Music: Goodbye, Labrador

Becci Stanley


Goodbye, Labrador are: Martin Pípal (Guitar, Vocals)
Phil Gold (Guitar, Percussion, Vocals)
Gonçalo Hipolito Martins (Bass, Vocals)
J. M. Silverman (Drums, Percussion)

Formed in a dimly lit bar in 2008 in Barcelona, with members from Barcelona itself, Brooklyn and Prague; this intriguing band live in the ether, having to share practices and songs via email or meetings via Skype. With Goodbye Labrador, brilliant ideas skip through different time barriers. Though they have formed through a challenging, some may say impossible set-up, Goodbye, Labrador are one band to seriously brace yourself for in the future.

The distance between each musician has (so they say) created extra dedication, deeper friendships, and definitely more time to let the creativity and ideas flow and create. Such creativity is definitely evident throughout their music. The band themselves describe their music and their practise sessions as “intense and consuming, requiring monk-like dedication”.

The group’s album A Thousand Times Before was recently released on Dead Fisherman Records. This release channels the post-punk and 90s rock styles the band are heavily influenced by with both melodic and heartfelt tunes. The group have come a long way from their first shows in Portugal, and are now quickly gaining more and more fans, of which you should be their next.