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New Music: Heart Ships

Becci Stanley


Evolving straight from the pulsing musical hub that is Leeds, Heart Ships burst from the seams with their eclectic and slightly unnerving transcendental mix of meditative droning music and passionate, driving crescendos of sound.

New release EP 1 marks the cornerstone of a promising career for these new bright sparks. Crafted in Sheffield by Tim Hampton, these tracks encapsulate the raw energy that can be seen rigorously in their live performances straight to life right in front of your very eyes, and ears.

As vocalist Ryan Cook says: ‘lyrics imbue pursuing a sense of wonder, a will to explore the tension between transcendental or meditative type experiences and being confined to a body’, and it is this spiritual aura that makes this band stand out ever so slightly more from the crowd. Indeed, it is Cook’s endearing and haunting vocals that bring the collective unit together in perfect harmony, and adds increasing depth to already effortlessly poetic and beautiful lyrics woven within.

With a full UK tour, more releases and stunningly artistic music videos on the horizon, we can expect Heart Ships to create a storm wherever they may be, specifically with their performance at Dot to Dot festival looming, and a bright future at arm’s length.