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New Music: Hero & Leander

Tess Askew


The interestingly named Hero & Leander were formed as recently as one year ago, and comprise of a mixture of members from Liverpool, Essex and Reading. The band is a motley crew consisting of Gary Cansell (vocals, guitar), Marc Sephton (guitar), James Halls (bass) and Scot Lewis (drums), Andy Jones (piano, vocals) and Emily Sills (vocals).

The six piece have just released their EP Collider, which is a cheery upbeat offering. The title track on the EP is big, bold and demands the listener’s attention in an upbeat and interesting fashion, much like most of their music generally. The other tracks take the tempo down a gear and features some thick slices of smooth pop. Hero and Leander’s music is light but evocative, and the band produce upbeat optimistic alt-pop tracks. The music is slightly reminiscent of male/female music acts such as Arcade Fire, but with a more stripped down feel.

Hero and Leander create melodies that are nice and well executed, and the group are certainly a band with promise. They are sure to continue writing and releasing intelligent, subtle and pleasant music as their career develops.