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New Music: I Am A Camera

Sarah Tyler


As far as first impressions go, Francesca and Ian, who combine to make the duo I Am A Camera, appear as iconic art students, conjuring images of musical creation happening in their home studio full of intriguing electronic devices and surround by melting clocks and funky glasswork. My elaborated imagery may go some way towards matching their sound, however it doesn’t give as great a justice as the cinematography used for debut single Endless Storm, due out later this year. This genius black and white film accompanies their deep and intriguing new fusion of electronic music.

I Am A Camera have taken electronica and turned it into a movement, much like a fine opera it tells a story, adapted to suit the listener frozen in their own headphone bubble, heavily engaging with the artist. A slightly dark and mysterious edge to a genre typically related to the club scene, yet working like a crusade passing through and capturing many human emotions.

Since their arrival onto the scene in 2010 their music has covered many sensations and topics ranging from broken hearts, lost lovers, bitter trophy wives and revenge, reflected in aptly named tracks such as Commuter Love, Without You and Queen Cover. Once more illuminating their artistic escapades, Commuter Love was even used as backing track on the Omar Kashoura catwalk at London Fashion week. Deep emotions are portrayed and perfected into melancholy beats falling perfectly in sync with Francesca’s extensive and enchanting vocals, which are a little Amy Lee meets Bjork.

Their influences range from Neil Young and the Flaming Lips to John Cale and the Beach Boys. The momentum of ambience and synthesizers building and releasing tensions like an ultra modern Wagner makes for a pinnacle of 21st century music. Dare I forecast a potential/future Daft Punk on the radar? Certainly, the combination of high-pitched strings with heavy bass lines, beautifully keyed racing melodies and vocal focused breakdowns gives them their originality.

I Am A Camera can only really be summarised as a well thought out piece of art brought to life through layers of sound, studied and created, very difficult to define in words but can easily be understood in one listen. Through the glory of social networking be sure to keep up to dates with intimate smaller scale venue touring while its still happening!


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