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New Music: Internet Forever

Maria Turauskis


On the surface, Internet Forever appear to be just another cool alt-indie act, ideal for hipsters, but not necessarily on anybody else’s radar. The band have toured with Johnny Foreigner and Los Campesinos!, and have their impending album launch party set for The Old Blue Last in Hoxton. Their debut was produced by the likes of James Rutledge and Dreamtrak, a duo that have worked with some of the coolest bands from the past fives years, and the group’s lead track Break Bones had rave reviews on Pitchfork.

The general demeanour of the band’s music is very light, joyful and bright, and in many ways quite simple. Indeed, there is almost a schoolyard feel to Internet Forever’s music – a youthful joie de vivre and simplicity within the melody progression and lyrical content is mixed with a hint of teenage melancholy.

Internet Forever have their eponymous debut due for release on 18th February 2012 on Tape Alarm Records. This album is currently available through a fantastic pre-order package includes t-shirts, a photography zine and an extra CD with demo tracks and rarities.