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New Music: Lorde

Maria Turauskis


Lorde is a new artist you want know about, like right now. She is a super-talented 16 year old from Auckland, who signed a development deal with Universal when she was just 13, and is on the cusp of releasing her debut full-length album here in the UK next month. She has experienced a wealth of interest across the globe over the past year, especially in the US and in her native New Zealand, which seems only set to grow further.

Lorde’s work is interesting, developed, current and complete. She draws from a wide range of influences (always a good sign), including Etta James, SBTRKT, Burial and Nicki Minaj. These elements are all clearly present in Lorde’s music, but her stripped back, sparse, minimalist sound is most clearly influenced by James Blake, perhaps her closest musical contemporary. Like Blake, vocals are often the focus, with gorgeous harmonies filling each soundscape, professing a curious mixture of teenage subjects and universal issues, delivered with subtly, aplomb, and a charismatic lack of self-absorption.

This music is dark, deep, and with a vague degree of the macabre, and interestingly seems to perfectly capture the current zeitgeist. The world it seems has latched on to Lorde and her way of representing and encapsulating everything exciting and new in music 2013.

This is music that is dynamic and exiting, with foundations full of coherence and intelligence. Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine is released here in the UK on 28th October, or if you just cannot wait, you can download her debut EP The Love Club now.