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New Music: Picture Book

Isabelle Salter


Liverpool based band Picture Book are made up of Greta Svabo Bech, Dario Darnell and Lorne Ashley. It is difficult to define this band by genre, but put it this way – if Florence and the Machine and La Roux hooked up and had a musical love-child, Picture Book may be the result. Their music is euphoric, electro, up-tempo and dreamy. Greta is the voice, and what an incredible voice she is. Distinctive and unusual, if you suspected her first language as not being English, you would be correct – Greta was born in the Faroe Islands. We’re not alone in thinking Greta’s voice is worth raving about, superstar dance producer Deadmau5 agrees. After being introduced to Picture Book by his record label, he tracked the quirky Faroese vocalist down and asked for her help, which resulted in the trancey/dubsteppy belter Raise Your Weapon.

Picture Book’s music is infectiously uplifting. It’s warm, happy and haunting all at the same time, which is a pretty amazing feat. They have already been snapped up on a five year record deal by Seymour Stein, the co-founder of Sire Records who previously signed incredible artists such as The Ramones, Madonna and Depeche Mode.

In a recent interview Dario stated, “The thing we hate most is going to watch a band who look like that stage is the last place they want to be”. They bring this sentiment to the stage – when they play they create an electrifying atmosphere. Unafraid to take risks, Picture Book have been known to cover The Streets’ Blinded By The Lights and MJ’s Thriller in a live setting. This band is effortlessly cool, they are the kids at the party everyone wants to be friends with and they deserve all the fame and glory that they are undoubtedly going to receive in the near future.