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New Music Scene Report: The Midlands

Becci Stanley


Over here in the recesses of the Midlands, from north to south, east to west, we have a thoroughly thriving music scene. We have buzzing venues alive with the sound of fresh talent, and fans hungry for the atmosphere these exciting new musician create. From bands to look out for in the not so distant future, to groups just starting off in their musical career, here’s an insight into what we have to offer:


A budding four piece hardcore-punk outfit from Staffordshire. On the verge of a tour in November with Blackdogs, this band have just released their debut EP entitled The Crook. The EP’s release was delayed after a change of line-up, but is well worth the wait. This band is an absolute powerhouse of raging vocals and melodic instrumentals.



A hardcore rock band whose only immediate plans are to kick back and have fun making music. Their live shows reflect this mentality, but the group also have an unpredictable and slightly violent edge to their tunes, great for releasing all that pent up frustration. They are definitely something a little bit different. The group are looking to take this vibe to festivals in 2013, and they also have a shiny new EP in the pipeline to look forward to.


Currently writing their first EP, indie band Plastic Glasses have already made a name for themselves, playing venues all over the area. They have played at The Flapper and O2 Academy in Birmingham, supporting bands such as Wiseacre, The Late Eighties and The Zoo. A band who are just getting out there, and playing what they love.