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New Music: Sea of Bees

Sophie Alexander


Sea of Bees comprises of Julie Baenziger, a folky, country girl with a uniquely fantastic voice. Gently taking you on a journey with almost a whine at times, her voice creates in the listener all sorts of nostalgia – perhaps because of its childlike innocence twinned with the maturity of a musician far beyond her years. Baenziger has an ability to create in her audience a dreamy, ethereal like state from only one listen of her debut album Songs for the Ravens. There are anthems for the intensifying heights of newfound love and beats to the crushing lows of unrequited pain. However, it is the pureness in this girl’s voice that first attract the ears, and then on second listen the meaning and often simple lyricism in her song writing.

Julie Baenziger is a 25 year old from Sacramento, California. She first began singing to impress a girl in church, so the story goes, which makes her seem all the more intriguing. Having left what she accounts as a dark and suppressed time behind her she moved to the big city and began recording music. On her track Songs for the Ravens, which has been out in America for over a year now, she plays every instrument apart from the drums, illustrating the ‘try everything once’ sort of attitude she seems to embody.

This gal seems to unknowingly capture attention, and she will easily slot in with the cool kids such as The XX, Warpaint, Beach House and the like. Her understated, whimsical cool is the kind of geeky chic fashionable at the moment, not that she really seems to care, which is exactly why I like her.
If you want to check her out real quick, head straight to Willis, a swooping love song with a melody that makes me giddy with it’s beauty.