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New Music: Swim Deep

Alice Weavers


Birmingham is perhaps not famed for its musicians, but a new crop of bands have been making waves across the UK, accidentally establishing a music scene, which is now known as ‘B-town’.

Joining other B-town bands like Peace and Troumaca is the skateboard loving Swim Deep. These guys are a young four piece who, despite their Birmingham roots, play songs more suited to sunny days in LA rather than the rainy midlands. Their sound is grunge-pop but summery, taking your mind to some dreamy sunset beach in some exotic country far away.

Swim Deep are only just starting out, but they are already showing great potential. Single “Honey” is infectiously catchy, with inspiration lyrics – ‘Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy’. Along with “Honey”, the group have released one other single, “King City”, which is by far their most popular track, racking up nearly 150,000 views on Youtube.

The group have already won legions of fans from their support slots with bands including Spector and Mystery Jets. They also signed to label RCA in the summer and are currently recording their debut, which has definite potential.

Swim Deep are playing their first headline tour next spring, so make the most of seeing them in small venues while you can!