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New Music: The Beautiful Word

Nichola Eastwood


If you like your folk music adorned with fairytale charm, originality and a completely DIY attitude then you won’t want to miss The Beautiful Word.  The folk loving quintet are fresh from their summer tour and have plenty to be pleased about. The 12th August sees the release of the band’s new single Emily. It’s an adorably sweet romp with band members, Emily and Megan, providing some of the most delicate vocals and dreamy lyrics we’ve heard in a long time – it’s like candy floss in musical form.

The band have a refreshing and resolutely independent take on their music.  These guys don’t do labels, marketing or name dropping, which in a world of who you know and how much money you make is a welcome relief.  No surprise then that The Beautiful Word have managed to steer clear of tumbling into any mass-produced, crowd pleasing pop pitfalls.  Instead the band revel in their own brand of “mystery pop”, distinctive and unmistakable. All five band members take on songwriting duties with the focus lying on the story and harmonies in their music – you won’t find any empty lyrics or dull generic beats here.

The Beautiful Word have already performed a whopping two hundred gigs and have gathered some well known fans along the way – Ellie Goulding and Emiliana Torrini are both followers of the bands’ original sound.

So join Ellie and Emiliana and check out Emily at www.thebeautifulword.co.uk