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New Music: The Langley Sisters

Lisa Bentley


Family bands are nothing new, in fact there was a time when there were that many that the formula became tired and unnecessary. Thankfully The Langley Sisters are neither of these things. The band is composed of three of the Langley family – Gita, Rosie and Edie, and together they have created a sound that is curiously intriguing and reflective, amalgamating delectable sepia tinged harmonies and vintage doo-wop.

With their recently released EP Siren you are given a preview to the rich soul of their vocals and a plethora of musical influences. The Arsonist’s Daughter, for example is reminiscent of Del Shannon’s track Runaway but with added brass elements that bizarrely mix with the dramatic piano and strings, lending a whole Mexican mariachi twist to the song.

The best way to describe the band is retro pastiche, but with heart and soul that vacillates between dignified chorales and melodrama and their gothic Sing For My Supper which sounds like a Danny Elfman arrangement set for the next Tim Burton movie – haunting and sweeping. Check out Carl Barat’s version for a totally different take on the song.  If you want to see what this band can do then you should check out their cover version of Queen of the Stoneage’s No One Knows which for lack of a better description is just bloody brilliant.

If you like a little bit of modern day vintage in your life then this is the band for you.