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New Music: The Magic Lantern

Siobhanne Beattie


Formed above a London Post Office in 2006, The Magic Lantern draw inspiration from both Jazz and Folk, and add their own unique take on modern music to accompany their influences. The 5-piece released their debut EP Patriots in July 2008, which was a hit with critics who admired it’s “arresting sound”. A second EP, Cut from a Stone, followed in 2010. The group are currently preparing for the release of their debut album, A World in a Grain of Sand, which scheduled for release on 6th June 2011.

The sound and style of The Magic Lantern has been compared to Sufjan Stevens, Devandra Buckhart, and even early Pink Floyd. They have a calm, defuse sound with interesting musical techniques, and even more interesting instrumentation. There are clarinets and violins as well as more traditional instruments, making a subtle and very English style of folk-cum-classical music.

The Magic Lantern are members of London’s F-IRE collective and were one of the founder of The Hectic Eclectic with whom they continue to play live and collaborate. The band are indeed facing a hectic touring schedule in the run-up to and following their album’s release, including an album launch party at London’s Dalston Boys Club on Friday 20th May.