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New Music: The Sea The Sea

Mollie Carberry


Oxford four-piece The Sea The Sea create charming, summery musical creations. For a band very much in their early stages, (having had two gigs and receiving only local radio play), their music is already strong and encouragingly confident. Although at times heavily reminiscent of bands such as Foals or The Maccabees, The Sea The Sea combine that indie rock element with dreamy ambience, setting them apart from other artists of the same genre.

The group recently released a new EP Four Demos last month for Record Store Day, offering audiences more of their instantly endearing music to warm to. There is a chilled aspect to the group’s music, with instantly catchy guitar riffs set against a dreamy ambient background. They manage to strike the perfect balance between reflective and thoughtful without it becoming depressing or dull, which is an impressive feat in a band that only formed last year. This music is laced with infectious choruses and smooth vocals, weaving an effortless combination of falsetto and tenor throughout.

The Sea The Sea create charming little masterpieces with every new track, which are instantly likeable after only the first listen. By merging catchy guitar riffs and a more mellow dream pop, they replicate everything great about their indie rock predecessors while bringing something entirely new with them.