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New Music: The White Album

Maria Turauskis


No, not that one. The White Album are instead a fab new alt folk trio from Denmark. These heavily bearded young men offer a sumptuous, unassuming and serene sound full of a cool Scandinavian melancholy. Think along the lines of Troll Hunter or The Killing to sort of capture the vibe, minus the gruesomeness, of course.

The White Album recently released their second EP Conquistador, following on from the group’s debut EP The Album in 2011. Conquistador, released in September, offers listeners six tracks of delicate, soothing timbres and melodies, recorded in a cabin in the depths of the Danish wilderness. Throughout this recent EP, The White Album create typically sparse tracks, often with just guitars and vocals. Drums are thrown in occasionally for good measure, however, and although acoustic guitars are the order of the day, electric guitars with haunting chorus and reverb sections occasionally stir it up.

Contemporaries of The White Album could include Alt-J, The Magnetic North and Peter Wolfe Crier, who all share a love of intricate harmonies and haunting a cappella vocals. There is also a gentle, tender humour to their lyrics, alongside touching raw emotion.

The White Album are multi-instrumentalists with a diverse live show, which will hopefully visit our shores soon. We should also hope for a debut album in 2013.