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New Music: Travis & Julie

Simi Bhullar


There was a time when many country singers strived to break into the mainstream pop charts and succeeded. Faith Hill and Leanne Rimes made names for themselves scoring huge number one hits and more recently Miley Cyrus (having followed in the footsteps of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus) has made great strides in the country/pop crossover area.

Within this context we now have Travis and Julie of Nashville, Tennessee, who are set to release their debut single from their new album Moon Girl in the UK on 13th June 2011. Osmosis is an upbeat, easy going song that could easily suit any perky rom-com, and is sung predominantly by Travis, whose voice floats through the steady verses to the chorus.

They have already opened for Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLaughlin and their debut album reached number one in the US with its title track. Some of their songs have also been used in films including Carried Away and In the Land of Fireworks. All these tracks were taken from their debut album, and with another album in the pipeline, as well as some UK shows, Travis & Julie seem to really mean business. In addition to this, the pre-release video for their new single has already been viewed 30,000 times on YouTube with little to no publicity. With such interest there is surely only good things to come for these two.