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New Music: Winter Mountain

Jo Cox


I recently saw Winter Mountain described as ‘pleasant’ and I have to say that pretty much sums these two guys up. There’s nothing extraordinarily different about their brand of indie folk, except that they’re doing it dang well. With vocals that blend like a smooth Tennessee Whiskey and songs tinged with early rock n roll references, they’re certainly ones worth watching over the coming months. That’s probably also why they were so quickly signed to Cara Dillon and Sam Lakeman’s Charcoal Records, after winning a battle of the bands competition and being asked to open a show for them by an impressed promoter.

Formed on a chance meeting journeying by train from Chicago to Memphis this must all seem like some kind of folk fairytale for Martin and Joseph who are now working with some of the highest profile musicians in the industry, including Florence and the Machine’s guitarist Leo Abrahams and Coldplay’s string arranger Audrey Riley. Their EP ‘Find, Follow’ may only have been released yesterday, but with the level of support and backing the duo are receiving from Dillon and Lakeman they’re obviously tipped to do great things. A coincidence that both pairs hail from Ireland and Cornwall? Perhaps, but I couldn’t let it pass.

‘Find, Follow’ is available to download on iTunes now – itunes.apple.com/gb/album/find-follow-single/id642712987