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Next Best Thing Predictions 2015

Maria Turauskis


Our Next Best Thing section has had another exciting year highlighting some of the most dynamic and interesting emerging acts, including FKA Twigs, Lola Colt, and queen of bass herself Meghan Trainor, amongst others.

But what about the burgeoning year that is about to be 2015 – what hot new artists are beckoning? Here are some of our predictions for the artists we will all be talking about over the coming 12 months.

Years and Years

We have been excited about this London-based electronica trio since our coverage of them at this year’s In The Woods festival, and throughout the later half of 2014 they have continued to entice. The group have released a variety of singles on indie labels, but their recent EP Take Shelter on Polydor managed to reach the top of the i-tunes electronic singles charts this summer, leading to heighted excitement over a full length release, due in 2015.

Years and Years create catchy, soulful dance-pop with beauty, elation and melancholy. Their music is rinsed in turn of the century aesthetics, rhythms and timbres, yet is alive and fresh and now. The group themselves are adorably humble, photogenic, and offer a cover of Blu Cantrell’s “Breathe” so good you will not want to live without it.



Ah, a two-piece garage band, what is not to love about this most perfect of rock combinations? Slaves create heavy, gnarly rock that will make you feel dark and dirty (in a good way), with their scuzzy guitars, basic drums, despondent, vaguely humorous lyrics and punk nuances. Guitar driven music has been quiet for a while now, but these guys could be at the forefront of something new and exciting for the genre once again.



We only first wrote about Peluche a month ago, but they have already showed so much promise we are sure 2015 will be a good year for them. The London three-piece offer an enchanting style of upbeat indie pop, with inspirations as broad as Paul Simon and Stealing Sheep evident in the mix. These ladies have recently had their tasty single premiered on Radio 1, and are in the process of recording their debut.



This Ghanaian-born male solo artist has a rich music heritage, culminating with the study of jazz and the Royal Academy. His music has had growing hype for sometime, and it is easy to see why with Kwab’s soulful vocals, adorned with timbres that are emotional, visceral and cool.


Young Fathers

This might seem like an odd choice, given that Young Fathers have already released their debut album (which won the Mercury prize in case you didn’t know), but we still feel that this incredibly group are not quite getting the hype that they deserve. This is building, however, and we feel that 2015 will be the year that Young Fathers finally get the recognition they deserve. They offer the most arresting performances, defy categorisation, and make surprisingly humorous music with a real world twist. Perfection.