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Next Best Things – New Music Predictions for 2012

Maria Turauskis


Here are a selection of new artists we think will be really hot in 2012.


Excellent, excellent band. Not exactly a new band (these guys have been knocking around for nearly a year now releasing free singles), Friends make very hip lo-fi indie. They may be very Brooklyn and very dream-pop, but they are in no way tiresome or aged. Instead, they are fresh, raw and immediate, with a curious light-heart urgency. Very much a new Tom Tom Club, with quirky hints of The Waitresses.


Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

These guys make very interesting electronica with hints of dubstep, metal and emo. Deep, dark and complex, this is truly intelligent dance music, already hyped by the likes of Dazed and Confused.


Professor Penguin

Bad band name? Maybe. But my god, this group’s music is pretty top notch. Beautiful and melancholy with lovely hints of whimsy, this band creates work that is very enjoyable and musically progressive. The group’s sound effectively stands out as contemplative indie pop, with gentle brass licks and harmonious vocals, but there are also subtle references to glitch, post-dubstep and bosa nova, making their music a truly interesting sonic step forward.


Jethro Fox

Liverpudian solo artist Jethro Fox’s music is polished, upbeat and quietly joyous. Very pleasant (and especially industrious for a solo artist), Fox treads the fine line between thoughtful production and traditional indie instrumentation perfectly. Think Passion Pit meets Fleet Foxes.


The Ghosts

Cool and collected, yet vaguely hopeful electro indie, The Ghosts have emerged out of the ashes of promising band Ou Est le Swimming Pool after their lead singer tragically committed suicide last year. The Ghosts, perhaps expectedly perform music tinged with melancholy, but electro is the key theme in each track, taking influences from OMD and the Pet Shop Boys to Empire of the Sun.


Zemmy Momoh

This sassy, soulful lady is creating something slightly out of the ordinary in today’s musical landscape. With a distinctly 80s vibe, this lady has a jazzy, cosmopolitan vibe with elements of electro and rock smattered throughout her sound. Vocals are very much Lauryn Hill meets Sade.



Sibling duo 2:54 create a heavy, dark style of desert rock with cold hints of the deeper side of punk. Sounding like an amalgamation of Mazzy Star and The XX, these girls are sultry and feisty, with an eerie, close sound.


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