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Oh My! Interview July 2011

Maria Turauskis


Oh My! have just hit the music scene with their own style of clever pop music. We caught up with one half of the duo – Jade – to talk about their sound, their recent schools tour and girl power.

MTTM: How is the album progressing and how would you describe its burgeoning sound?

Jade: The album is coming along great! It has got great personality and really reflects us as Oh My! The sound is fun pop with a dose of attitude, which sums us up really! We wanna make every song we do have meaning and show our personalities off!

MTTM: You are self-professed 90s pop fans, citing the Spice Girls, TLC and Destiny’s Child as important influences on your music. Do you take influence from any other genres or decades at all?

Jade: We love 90s pop because it was all about Girl Power and we think it’s about time there was a ‘girlband’ that really came across strong and independent! But we love lots  of genres; I love garage music as I grew up with it. My favourite garage track is Sweet Female Attitude ‘Flowers’! Alex loves oldie soul music, one of her favourites is Michael Jackson! At the moment we love Tinie Tempa, Example and Katy B!

MTTM: You have been described by Example as “more Bananarama than The Saturdays”. Do you think Oh My! could be the cool, hip injection that is significantly lacking in today’s girl groups?

Jade: We don’t just want to be seen as pretty, jazz-hands girls we want to be known as being fun and having our own personalities! There is definitely space for Oh My!, but we still like alot of the other girls bands out there.

MTTM: Both of your promo tracks (Run This Town and Kicking and Screaming) have a notable attitude – you seem a bit cooler, slicker, maybe a bit more real and jaded than your contemporaries. Is it important for your guys to retain a realness and authenticity with your work and its presentation?

Jade: Yes definitely that’s a big part of us! We wanna come across real and just normal girls, which we are! We don’t need to pretend to be anyone else but ourselves and I think that comes across in the music and when we perform.

MTTM: You two seem pretty intelligent, and are clearly into music generally. How much input do you guys have in your music – do you write lyrics or contribute to the production or instrumentation of your tracks at all?

Jade: We really love getting stuck into writing lyrics. With our music we have the confidence to speak up and if we don’t like something or aren’t comfortable we will say, no one makes us do it!

MTTM: You’ve just started a monthly club night in Shoreditch, do you prefer doing DJ sets or live performances?

Jade: They’re very different! We LOVE djing because you get to see what everyone is into at the time, its immediate and it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves! Performing is one of the most amazing things in the world, it’s hard to explain what it feels like but to see people there for us and the music is great!

MTTM: You have just completed a large run of school tours –do you think such a move represents your key demographic?

Jade: The schools tour was great. It allowed us to share our music for the first time, and deal with every circumstance that was thrown at us! It’s was the first time performing to a crowd and kids have this amazing thing that they tell the truth no matter what, or at least their faces tell you, haha! So it was great – every school we went to was such an experience.

MTTM: There is a lot of dry humour and quirkiness in your music and promotions that could very well appeal to older audiences – I’m 24 and not exactly a pop nut, yet I really like your work. Will you try to retain this idiosyncrasy and cool kookiness as much as possible as your music career develops?

Jade: Yes definitely – we’re planning on being here for the long run. We want to make songs that stay around for years. Songs that people can pull out and play to their kids in years to come. What you have heard so far is a good taste of what’s ahead from us. That is Oh My! – no falseness, just attitudey pop all the way!