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Olly Murs – Olly Murs

Rosie Blackwell-Sutton


Unfortunately I am an X Factor fan. I don’t like to admit it but there’s something so horribly addictive about watching crap singers and spending a Saturday night moaning at the TV. However, once the programme has finished I rarely pay attention to what the contestants are up to. Last years runner-up Olly Murs has recently released his debut self-titled album so I’m told. He is one in a long list of reality show stars to do so, therefore the comparisons are, understandably, being drawn between himself and former Pop Idol Will Young.

The album starts off very upbeat with an underlying reggae and funk vibe through  opening track Change is Gonna Come and Thinking of Me. However, it is Murs’ debut single, which reached number 1, Please Don’t Let Me Go, that steals the show with it’s unbelievably catchy lyrics. As the album trudges on all of the songs seem to blur into one giant Olly Murs blob with a cheeky smile and cheery disposition.  That is until the second half of the album where the cheeky smile turns upside down and you learn that on tracks Ask Me To Stay and Heart On My Sleeve poor Olly has been through some heartbreak in his life.

However, its not long before Olly realises that he’s just come second in X Factor, he’s had a number one single and he’s earning mega bucks, as he’s back to his cheeky ways in Hold On. It is in this vain that the album continues as you’re swept up in Olly’s happy and carefree ways and by closing track A Million More Years you might even have a trademark Olly Murs smile plastered over your face.