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One Sixth of Tommy – You’re in My Head

Maria Turauskis


You’re in My Head is the up-and-coming debut album release by emerging girl group One Sixth Of Tommy. This trio of ethereal, budding beauties hail from Stourbridge in the Midlands, and through their new album they have created a natural, comely style of music that well replicates their humble, quasi-rural developmental backdrop. Jordan, Joanna and Jorja are all guitarists, and have written and performed on each track on the new album, demonstrating subtle, competent song writing abilities, which are especially impressive when it is considered that not one of this trio has yet left their teens.

You’re in My Head is essentially a delicate blend of pop and indie, anchored by acoustic guitars and beautiful female vocals. There is a bit of keyboard and drums included on occasion, but the album is mostly made up of the guitar/voice combo, which has a clean, timeless quality to it. These tracks such as For Always that are more stripped down, with little effects and simple guitar parts, are to my mind the most successful, as they leave space for the perfectly euphonic female vocals. Almost angelic at times, the combination of the girl’s voices throughout this album is its real selling point – the trio create superbly dynamic and interesting harmonies, which has a sedating effect, soothing the listener with expertly executed dulcet tones.

One Sixth Of Tommy have stated a number of influences on their work, but the most audibly recognisable are probably the likes of Bon Iver, Norah Jones and Newton Faulkner. There is a definite alternative pop-folk vibe to the girls work, but it is also heavily accessible and non-threatening. It is also interesting to point out that although these girls are very English in their general vibe and demeanour, much of their music has a notable American essence. Tracks such as The Pact in particular have stylistic similarities to Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, in both vocal delivery and backing instrumentation. In truth these more American-pop inspired tracks are less successful that the effortless charm of simpler tracks; they sound slightly more dated, and put simply they to a degree squander the beauty of the collected female vocals, where the band’s major talent lies.

You’re in My Head is in general however a youthful, heartfelt album with an enchanting beauty and innocence. The album is due for release on 29th August 2011 on Helium Record, and the girls are also doing a number of live promo dates across the country that month.