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The Orielles – Jobin EP

Kimberley Manderson


The Orielles are a rising indie female fronted band from Halifax. Comprising of Esme Hand-Halford, her sister Sid and friend Henry Wade, this trio cite influences from the likes of the Beach Boys, which is present in their harmonies, to more riot grrrl recklessness with a distinctly lo-fi 90s sound. Releasing their debut EP, Jobin, the band show us exactly what they are all about in just 3 tracks.

The EP opens with title track Jobin, which is a sunny affair, with laid back poise of the likes of the Stone Roses. The harmonies are on point, and though the message of the song isn’t 100% clear at first, this song is made for repeating as the 2:12 minute track length seems to just fly by.

Twin Freaks offers a great guitar melody with a nod to influences from 90s bands that lands somewhere in between Oasis and Pixies. However, the most lively and go-get-em track has to be Sliders. Fast, angry and with an oohing chorus destined to linger around your brain for days, this is has surefire hit written all over it.

There really aren’t enough bands like the Orielles around at the moment. Bringing the fun back into guitar driven pop-rock with catchy melodies to boot, this EP proves promising for the Yorkshire trio, and what we can expect from them in the future. Their not-too-serious guitar music which has the potential for anthemic moments definitely holds a place on our summer 2016 playlist.

Orielles on Soundcloud