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Papa Roach – The Connection

Amanda Lever


Papa Roach are back and unfortunately just as I expected them to sound. After the disappointment of Time For Annihilation… On The Record & On The Road, I was hoping this would bring back the old Papa Roach that we know and love. This really didn’t deliver what I, and I’m sure many others, were hoping for. However, every track on the album is extremely catchy and will keep you singing all day. It’s just a shame that they’ve pretty much lost the edge they once had, and listening to this album is like listening to one big song.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy this album because I am a huge Papa Roach fan and I will forever feel obliged to protect them against haters, but they make it slightly more difficult. Whilst As Far As I Remember sounds slightly like an old Linkin Park number (no, that is not a good thing), Still Swingin, Breathe You In and Not That Beautiful really do grab you by the shoulders, wake you up and remind you that you are listening to Papa Roach.

Nevertheless for a dedicated fan this isn’t the best album that they could have created. I found myself flicking back to Infest and Lovehatetragedy and remembering the intense, hard hitting blow to the mind these once gave me as an angsty teenager, convinced that Jacoby Shaddix was the god of nu metal. It really is a shame the new album doesn’t have the same effect, it just echoes their last album and doesn’t give you the punch to the gut that you would expect.

However, all bitching aside the album is fun, and you know they had fun making it or they wouldn’t be doing it. Papa Roach are still going strong, still doing what they love and still keep giving the fans what they want, them. I would recommend this album but with caution. Stick it on when you feel like dancing around with your air guitar and reminiscing on your black eyeliner and bad tattoos.