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Paper Aeroplanes – Time To Be EP

Lisa Ward


There are some songs which grab your attention and leave you mesmerised. Paper Aeroplanes have not 1 but 6 songs which do exactly this. From opener Time To Be through to their cover of In The Bleak Midwinter it follows their usual emotive style, only this time pushing the boundaries and demanding even those with an iron heart shed at least one tear.

Time To Be see’s Sarah’s vocals layered across the track with a haunting effect. Despite it’s delicate nature, the music seems to come to life with the volume turned up, each strum of the guitar adding feeling to the song. Meanwhile Aberystwyth feels almost like the follow up to My First Love, a reflection on lost love which swells like the ocean.

For me it’s closer In The Bleak Midwinter which displays Paper Aeroplanes ability to transform old songs into something new. The original carol has always felt like a slightly tedious number, reserved for plum mouthed singing. The band skip the more religious verses however and transform the carol into a love song, in a way that Rossetti would no doubt have admired.

Elsewhere This Land Won’t Shake has a more upbeat vibe in comparison to the rest of the EP. The pounding beats carry the song, giving it a sense of hope and allowing some breathing room in an otherwise heartbreaking album. Nevertheless with lyrics like “as we lean in to this refrain, find some solace in what remains, gather light from the forest floor and a reason to hope for more” it’s Only A Lifetime which displays Paper Aeroplanes ability to set poetry in motion, and when this is coupled with a heavier drum beat and stark piano chords, it shows them at their finest.

In short, I urge to you listen to this EP, if not for the heartfelt poignancy then for the fact that they managed to get Aberystwyth into a song lyric. Just don’t listen whilst driving, as there’s a real risk you’ll get swept away with the music and only realise after you’ve ploughed into the back of someone else’s car.