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Patrick Stump – Soul Punk

Lisa Bentley


Having spent the better half of the last decade as the lead singer (but not the frontman) for Chicago born emo tickling pop/punk quartet Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump is now flying solo and taking centre stage and becoming the main focus to his music. This week sees his debut release Soul Punk hit the shelves and if you are expecting the FOB sound then you will be sorely disappointed.

As the title of the album suggests the spectrum of influences are taken from the two extremes. The lollapalooza of sounds hit you from the get go and indeed album opener Explode is a frisson filled introduction into how diverse an artist Stump is and peaks your interest.

Principal release from the album This City is a complementary collaboration with Lupe Fiasco and plays early on in the record which subtly hints that the album has more to offer than just the one song. You would not be wrong to assume this. Stump has expressed how Prince was a heavy influence on his solo debut and it is probably most prominent on The I In Lie, the vocal delivery is almost an amalgamation of Stump, Prince and Michael Jackson and neatly sets you up for the following track.

The epic 8 and a half minute Run Dry (X Hearts X Fingers) defies conventionality of the 3 and a half minute pop song formula. A track like this should be an endurance test however it stands out on the album for all the best reasons. Funky bass guitar, electronic songs, great story telling through songs, catchy hooks and Stumps delivery and whilst he wasn’t regarded as the main lyricist in previous rock outfit Fall Out Boy, Stump has to be given kudos for inventive turns of phrase. This is all before we get discuss Stumps musical talent, playing all the instruments on the album giving him total autonomy of sound. This truly is Patrick Stump’s album.