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Peggy Sue – Choir Of Echoes

Emily Bruce


After several brilliant EPs (under their old moniker, Peggy Sue and the Pirates), the band gained a drummer and went onto release their brilliant indie-pop debut long player, Fossils and Other Phantoms, in 2010. They followed it with Acrobats the next year – which unfortunately never lived up to its predecessor; neither did their cover album of songs from the film Scorpio Rising in 2012.

Indeed, since their inception, the band have always been good at making catchy songs with witty vocals, but seem to have been keen to move away from that and try out new things – which is no bad thing. However it means nothing has really compared to their earlier work, which is unfortunate.

Choir of Echoes starts with the short but sweet Come Back Around, complete with choir harmonies – so living up to the record’s title, then. The second half of the record is when is really comes into its own. One of the highlights is Longest Day of the Year Blues, which rumbles along with a nice 60s vibe. The album’s main single Idle very good indeed and perhaps the catchiest song here. Two Shots is one of the saddest and most affecting moments – it builds up wonderfully, and features the choir once more. Finally, the beautiful break-up anthem The Errors of Your Ways aptly ends an album that for the most part explores the breakdown of relationships.

The blended vocals of Katy Young and Rosa Slade have always been one of the best things about Peggy Sue – deep and sultry, they work together and complement each other extremely well. The lyrics here are, as always, clever and incisive. The band remains interesting and experimental, always exploring different rhythms and harmonies.

Choir of Echoes is more accessible than Acrobats, however it doesn’t quite live up to the highs of the band’s debut and earlier work. However, it definitely benefits from several listens, and is at its best beautiful, progressive and interesting.