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Peter and Kerry – Clothes, Friends, Photos EP

Lisa Bentley


Six track EP Clothes, Friends, Photos marks the first collaborative effort of Kerry Leatham and Peter Lyons, both successful in their own right. With a plethora of instrumentation on the songs including acoustic guitars, maracas and piano (among many others) alongside the experimental sounds that Lyons is known for and  rich folksy vocals provided by both artists it is an amalgamation of sounds which probably shouldn’t work – but somehow does.

The quirky 80’s Casio keyboard sound of Half Empty and Crash and Burn both capture a sense of electronica.  Followed by the hauntingly echoic 48 second track Oh, No it makes the quirky instrumentation of The Shadows (which features ukulele and xylophone) almost whimsical in its musicality. However, the stand alone track on this EP is Knees. The melancholic piano accompaniment is so morose in its beauty that when juxtaposed with simple yet epic lyrics proclaiming that ‘any other pain is bearable’ than heartbreak one cannot help but feel their own heart breaking.

I am certainly left hoping that this is not the last collaboration from Leatham and Lyons.