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Picnic Basket Nosedive – A Likely Story EP

Becci Stanley


After copious line up changes and constant touring you wouldn’t think this pop punk quartet from Glasgow would have any time to write, record and release music; yet these guys have proved to be the masters of multi-tasking after releasing smash e.p We’re Not Even Sorry to the eager ears of the re-emerging pop punk scene. You may think, how can an independent, up-coming band even attempt this with such big bands to contend with? A Likely Story shows how.

The EP opens with a lulling, experimental Angels and Airwaves homage breaking into a crushing, punkier sound on Same Old Fashioned New Year. With chugging chords, grinding riffs and racing drum beats, there’s a fight for dominance against soft vocals and the odd interlude of synth.

Apparently I’m Troubled changes the sound with a touch of Handguns mixed with old Senses Fail. Urgent guitars and sombre lyrics hark back to the days of old emo, and are blended effortlessly with sunny guitar hooks. The fast tempo just about stops you from reaching for the black skinnies and eyeliner.

Spanning different styles of pop-punk, A Likely Story branches into the fun, happy-go-lucky and mocking side. Highly reminiscent of Bowling For Soup, Stay Classy Jennifer is scathing and terribly British in its commentary ode to declining standards of those around us, mixed confusingly with an up-beat tempo to bang your head to. This is carried by impressive finger work from guitarists and bassists alike, both of whom are prominent within this track.

Closing track Me, Myself and Irony ends this release in stunning form with a slow and controlled intro reminiscent of early Blink 182 to a sound that can truly only be describe as their own; a strange mix of synth and pining vocals mixed with a steady yet racing tempo of drums, guitars and bass working as one.

Proving that the pop punk scene is alive and kicking and has a lot more to offer than songs about friends, sucky ex-girlfriends and pizza, Picnic Basket Nosedive do their influences and themselves proud by continuing to release solid and inspired music that stands out from the crowd.