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Picnic Basket Nosedive – We’re Not Even Sorry EP

Becci Stanley


Hailing from the west coast of Scotland, DIY pop-punk mob Picnic Basket Nosedive release their debut E.P after forming in 2010 with a quest, a quest to boost the local music scene fuelled by a mutual boredom and passion for all things pop punk; and what better reason than that? After various line up changes since their first gig in 2011, the band have came a long way prior to this release, and the work has clearly paid off.

Intro You Brought a Knife to a Food Fight has a very dreamy, ethereal Angels and Airwaves feel to it, with epic guitar hooks and atmospheric, psychedelic twangs before plunging into a heavy, driving riff with a sunny tinge before storming into Are Shadows Made Of Atoms?. This tracks slows it right down with a dampened, fast paces intro before fading to focus on clear, piercing vocals and punchy gang vocals hitting their lyrics messages home.

Organized Lighting has a slightly heavier edge with chugging guitars wailing in the background against a thumping drum beat keeping the tempo and high-pitched vocals full of energy and zest.

Paper. Snow. A Ghost! is heavily reminiscent of the godfathers of pop-punk New Found Glory. It is easily the most carefully crafted and developed track on the E.P and sound closer to punk that its pop opposite; the tempo is faster, the vocals louder, the hooks sharper and everything just holds more of a hardcore edge. Instead of making your feet tap, they lash out angrily to the flailing beat.

Closing track Vulcan Love Punch immediately starts with a gritty punch of drums and guitars both pounding and stopping abruptly to focus on the vocals in a classic rock sort of way. Such a technique seems out of place on a pop-punk track but it offers differentiality and something interesting to end the E.P on.

I truly believe Picnic Basket Nosedive will succeed in their quest of boosting the local music scene and indeed pop-punk by leading the example of doing something a little different, working hard but making sure that music is still fun and not a job.