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Pocket Satellite – Paper Aviator EP

Linda Greaves


Paper Aviator is as floaty and airy an album as the name suggests. The second release from folky-pop newcomers Pocket Satelite could be mistaken as yet another happy-clappy glockenspiel laden collection of background music, palatable and pleasant. But don’t resign it to some archived playlist just yet, give it another listen, if not for the delicate, breathy vocals of  Maya Zosmer then for the carefully structured layering of  the obviously folky banjo to the more classical string and piano arrangements.

From the up-tempo, foot tapping Man On A Boat to the string laced, twinky What About Snow Globes the songs are consistently well produced and considered. My only real criticism is the drowning out of some nice earthy lyrics by the sometimes busy compositions. Its pleasant, pretty and inoffensive but I cant help but feel they just haven’t found their sound yet. This clearly talented bunch seem to be taking tenuous steps towards some really beautiful music but for now these amiable tracks may stay largely under the radar in the sea of music in this zeitgeist genre.