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Preview: Glastonbury 2013 – The Green Fields

Lisa Ward


The Green Fields are the place where you’ll find solace from the mayhem. Built on a premise of being eco-friendly and celebrating nature you’ll also find yourself with the option to be pampered by reiki, a massage in the Healing Field or simply with some good old fashioned tea and toast. If you’re bored of burger, chips and pizza then the Green Fields offer a welcome array of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Thursday promises to bring the Gyuto Monks of Tibet who will perform and also create a ceremonial Sand Mandala, a Tibetan Buddhist tradition of building a symbolic picture of the universe out of coloured sand  which, on completion, is dissolved and returned to the waters of the earth. Whilst the Small World Stage has previously hosted the likes of First Aid Kit.

Elsewhere you’ll find the Peace Garden and of course King’s Meadow, which is the choice place to watch the sun set (and for some rise again) on Wednesday evening. Here you’ll find a number of people relaxing, but don’t be fooled as later into the night the celebrations begin and you can expect to hear tribal drum beats and a party rhythm in celebration.

Looking forward, the Green Futures field is the place to find out about green sustainability. Similar to other areas, expect large scale installations and allow yourself plenty of time to not only feast your eyes on this magical area, but also to get involved.