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Preview: Glastonbury 2013 – The Park

Lisa Ward


Located on the tip of the west corner, The Park is a vibrant rainbow coloured piece of magic. With washing lines filled with clothes, sand sculptures and (if you look closely), Alice and her tea party, it’s the part of the festival in which the adults seem to truly regress.

For the intellectuals there’s the Free University of Glastonbury which promises interesting talks, and for the veggies there’s a great array of food from around the world. It’s here you’ll also find the multicoloured tower which promises iconic views of the site. Similarly, venture a little further to the Crows Nest and you’ll get views down into the valley and fantastic tea and cake. An intimate venue, it also offers acoustic shows.

Don’t forget to also check out The Rabbit Hole, home of Alice and crew and a wonderland in its own right. Though there’s a suggestion that the special guest slots have been done away with on the Park Stage this year due to issues with crowding, there’s still a TBA slot on The Other Stage that might be worth checking out…