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Preview: Glastonbury 2013 – The South East Corner

Lisa Ward


If it’s after hours entertainment you want, the south east corner is the place to head. Once inside you can expect to find yourself in a magical haven where all rules go out of the window. Though Arcadia and it’s fire shows find themselves in a new home near the Other Stage, you can still expect to revel in the other side of Glastonbury. Entry late at night is via Bella’s Field so do be sure you know how to enter before you wind up lost in the one way system.

Shangri-La, designed by over 1500 crew and artists, is described as the epicenter of the after hours district of the festival. Forget the bass beats of Silver Hayes, its here you’ll find all manner of things beyond imagination. Areas named ‘The Seven Circles of Hell’ and ‘Temple of the Blessed Snake Pit’ give you some idea of what might entail, but be prepared to beg, bet or bribe your way into certain areas, and for the latter remember the golden rule “No tattoo, no entry, and absolutely NO Fairy Wings EVER. (Have some respect)”. The virgin skinned should fear not though, as in this arena there is probably always a way to get one quickly. Expect fire, costumes and to be on guard at all times, as there is no telling who you will meet upon your travels.

Block 9 by comparison might seem somewhat tamer, but expect to see half destroyed buildings, and to find NYC Downlow and it’s ‘murky homo fantasies’. We’re sure we once found an exploding bin in this area, but the fading light, sinister surroundings and pint of cider too many might also account for this. Meanwhile this year The Common promises to “deepen its relationship with Latin America by re-imagining the spiritual folklore of its people and revealing a lost civilisation with a secret”. Previously hosting a wall of death and motorcycle stunts, and bringing the fight of tomatoes in The Temple at 6pm on Sunday, it’s another area where anything goes.

Last but by no means least, ensure you take a trip to The Unfairground. Expect everything it says on the tin, it’s a fairground but the rules are probably not what you expect them to be. Like all the other late night areas, you can also expect to dance until your wellie boots end up moulded to your feet, though that’s probably not due to your dance moves being hot, and more to do with the fiery atmosphere of the area.  We’d highly recommend anyone with an hour or two free to take a trip through before dark, as well as later into the evening, to get a real sense of the transformation. Later in the night be prepared to queue, but trust us when we say it’s worth the wait…


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