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Preview: Glastonbury 2013 Top Picks (part 2)

Lisa Ward


Glastonbury is just a few short days away and with the lineup now announced, it’s time to start some serious planning. However, with such an expansive list of artists, where do you even start? We bring you the second art of our ‘must see’ list, this time focusing on The John Peel Stage, The Acoustic Stage, The Avalon Stage and Croissant Neuf.

John Peel Stage 

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware seemed to crop up at almost every festival last summer and unsurprisingly so given the calibre of her début album Devotion. With a soulful powerful voice, and rhythmic beats, she might have started out as Jake Penate’s backing singer but she now commands the front of the stage.


Post punk, London based Savages are another ‘Sound of 2013’ band who’ve been racking up the acclaim since the launch of their debut album Silence Yourself. The reference points to The Slits and Siouxsie Sioux have come thick and fast, and though it’s not happy music per se, it will draw you in and leave you lusting for more.

Croissant Neuf

Red Hillbillies

The Red Hillbillies’ bio flags that the band boasts “five decades and twenty one children between them” but aside from the debauchery in the bedroom, the band also pack their sound with a country twang that means they more than live up to what their name suggests. If you venture to the Green Fields to catch a bit of their up-tempo sound, be sure to wear shoes that are suitable for dancing…

Goodnight Lenin

Folkies Goodnight Lenin, offer honest lyrics with beautiful harmonies. With their debut album still awaited despite forming back in 2009, there’s clearly a desire for perfection which is apparent in their live performances. With a hint of the singer/songwriter style of the 60’s and 70’s, fans of the likes of Mumford & Sons won’t want to miss their set.

Acoustic Stage

Seth Lakeman

If fiddles are your thing, then Seth Lakeman is the man for you. Though sometimes seen with a guitar in his hand, the likes of Kitty Jay and it’s frenzied violin melodies are always a delight to witness live. His last album was recorded down a mine, and he’s recently been recording is next in a church. Expect inventive and innovative music that breaks away from the traditional folk mould.

KT Tunstall

Queen of reinvention, she’s ranged from acoustic, to pop, to rock, and her latest album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon broods more of an Americana vibe. One things remains a constant, and her soulful vocals are able to carry any genre she decides to embrace. Expect loop pedalling, songs about death and if you’re really lucky, a random fact or two.

Avalon Stage


Oxford’s Stornoway have recently returned with album number two, and it’s filled with inventive melodies. Expect the crowd to sing a long full pelt to Zorbing and keep your eyes posted for their inventive ways to make music. Previously spotted sawing up wood on  the Pyramid Stage, it’s hoped their creative ways to make music return for another outing this summer.

The Staves

Comprising of sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla, this folk-rock trio offer up beautiful vocal harmonies layered over intricate arrangements. One to file next to Laura Marling perhaps, they make three apperances across the course of the weekend, so if you don’t catch them on the Avalon Stage you’ve no excuse for missing out altogether.

For full line up information, visit www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

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